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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Fantastic Fabulous Fooooooood

People say that you cannot live without food. This can be true, but is quite ambiguous. This could imply that if you don't have food, you die. If that was the case, you would have to be holding or eating it all the time. What they should say is that you cannot live without sufficient supplies of food.

Anyway, I love food. Well, some foods. I'm one of those fussy eaters who doesn't like loads of stuff. Well, I'm not as bad as lots of people, but the things I don't like are normally fairly big part of the meal, like salads.

My Favourite Foods:
1 Mango
2 Tinned Mandarin
3 Strawberry
4 Raspberry
5 Blueberry
6 Passionfruit
7 Banana
8 Grape
Carnivores beware...

1 Cheese and Ham Pizza
2 Cheese and Ham Wigwams
3 Fried Egg Muffins
4 Croque Monsieur
5 Garlic Pizza
6 Steak Pie
7 Cheese and Ham Pasta
8 Bubble and Squeak
Weightwatchers beware...

1 Chocolate Bombe
2 Chocolate Ice Cream
3 Chocolate Fondant
4 Chocolate Gâteau
5 Chocolate Sundae
6 Chocolate Chips
7 Chocolate Orange
8 Chocolate Mousse
Vegans beware...

Which Means...
1 Mango
Cheese and Ham Pizza
Chocolate Bombe
2 Tinned Mandarin
Cheese and Ham Wigwams
Chocolate Ice Cream
3 Strawberry
Fried Egg Muffins
Chocolate Fondant
4 Raspberry
Croque Monsieur
Chocolate Gâteau
5 Blueberry
Garlic Pizza
Chocolate Sundae
6 Passionfruit
Steak Pie
Chocolate Chips
7 Banana
Cheese and Ham Pasta
Chocolate Orange
8 Grape
Bubble and Squeak
Chocolate Mousse

So there are allegedly my favourite meals, though I'm not sure banana goes with pasta...

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